High-Quality Commercial Water Filtration System

Our water filtration options solve water problems without creating new ones.

Investing in a high-quality commercial water filtration system is a must for any business, and the experts at Aqtros Water will provide you with the right system.

We understand the importance of this system and believe that it is an essential investment, so we will provide you with the proper equipment based on your needs. Our water filtration systems will provide you with several benefits and will eliminate energy inefficiencies thanks to our scale- reduction filters. Your business would not have to worry about scale build-up, nor will you have to worry about repairs and downtime because quality commercial water filtration systems would eliminate these concerns.

The systems we provide will lower operating costs, and you will also notice the reduction of suspended solids. There are huge benefits when you install a Kinetico commercial water filtration system for your business, some of which include round-the-clock water filtration with minimal equipment repairs and maintenance because they are built to last.

You can rely on all our products because we provide our customers with only the best water treatment products in the market at competitive pricing. Your water filtration system can also be used as a supplement to other water treatment systems you may have, which would improve overall efficiency, and this, too, is something we can discuss.

Our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to water filtration systems, and we offer commercial products, so your business can have peace of mind knowing you have selected the right equipment.

We have industry experts who have many years of experience with commercial water treatment, who can match you to the right product for your business or commercial operation. Some products in our portfolio include Commercial water softeners, Commercial reverse osmosis systems and specialty water filtration systems, so contact us today to find out more about our products!

Water Filtration System
HYDRUS® Series Water Filtration Systems
Hydrus Series water filters are Kinetico Water Systems’ largest commercial water filtration offering.

Water Filtration System
CP Series Commercial Water Filtration
CP Series filters are customizable and capable of providing fairly large quantities of constant, filtered water. CP Series Water Filtration Systems are often used to provide sediment or chlorine protection to several commercial equipment like ice makers or drinking water stations, or as a pre-treatment to a large reverse osmosis system, like Kinetico’s TL Series.

Water Filtration System
Dechlorination System
A Dechlorination System is easy to install wherever you need it. An advanced up-flow design eliminates the need for backwashing, so your Dechlorination System is always online and performing optimally.