You can go three weeks without eating any food, but only three days without drinking water. Our bodies need consistent hydration to carry out proper functions and maintain optimal health; after all, we are made up of at least 70% water. It is recommended that humans drink eight glasses of water daily in order to maintain ideal levels of hydration. Without proper hydration, you risk damaging both your health and immunity in one go! Here is how paying attention to your hydration habits can boost your overall health and immunity.

Drinking Water Betters Your Gut Health

The human digestive system has trillions of different vital bacteria we use to break down foods and absorb nutrients. In order to perform their function supremely, there needs to be a level of balance maintained. Drinking water helps maintain a balance of good and bad bacteria. While your body will be better able to absorb essential nutrients, a healthy gut will also improve cognitive function. Many hormones and neurotransmitters are produced in the stomach. Their production has numerous impacts on carrying out proper emotional and intellectual responses. Not to mention the brain is surrounded by fluids that are based on good old H2O!

Drinking Water and Immunity

Drinking enough water is essential to your body’s immune system. Water flow flushes out toxins that threaten to build up in the body. Drinking water can also lower the stress hormone cortisol, which, when not managed effectively, can break down your body’s immune system. Finally, drinking water helps with blood flow and circulation. Better circulation can help your body heal much faster and your systems perform their respective tasks much more effectively. Water also contains a number of vital minerals. While the amount of minerals in water is fairly low, their presence is still essential to developing and maintaining human immunity.

All of that being said, not all water is equal. Certain waters have different impacts on your health and immunity. Water can harbor a number of unique bacteria and contaminants. The introduction of these varying contaminants can have harmful impacts on human health, causing an upset stomach, long-term illness, and general unwellness. You can avoid these symptoms by drinking filtered water and testing your water for heavy metals, microorganisms, and elements like nitrate.

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