These are some of the telltale signs that you need to get a new water softener. It can be quite easy to forget about your water softener and you can get stuck in a cycle of filling it with more salt without knowing how old or how long the system will last. Water softeners will start to decline and become less effective after 10 years.

Dirty Dishes Or Itchy Skin

Your dishes remain spotty even after you clean them, your skin starts to feel itchy and soap scum collects quicker than normal in your sinks or your bathtub. These are all signs of having hard water in your home. And if your home has hard water, then your water softener is not working as it should.

The problem is that your system is not regenerating softer water like it used to because it can be an old system that is worn down over years of reliable usage.

Your Water Softener System Is Old

If you have a timer based water softener, these systems will regenerate on a system that you set about ten years ago. Newer systems will regenerate soft water based on when you use it or need it. This is known as demand initiated regeneration. This is the best solution because it will work on an as needed basis.

Your System Is Outdated And Bulky

Your system is bulky and takes up lots of room in your home. If you have got a twin tank system, your water softener is taking up too much room. A single cabinet system is demand initiated and takes up less space, making it a more efficient option for your home.

Newer systems will also include low salt indicators, enhanced iron removal and water use monitoring. All of this makes maintenance a breeze.

If these signs are apparent for your water softener, and you would like to test your water. You can use a simple test tool so that you can find out your hard water number. If you know your number and you want to get a new system, you can start shopping around from a selection of water softeners by going online.