Commercial Water Softeners

Hard water problems are no match for our water softeners.

Most business owners have varying water requirements for their operation, and this requires treated water to be delivered at certain flow rates and during peak and off-peak demands.
There are two Kinetico product models that have been designed and engineered to handle the volume and flow rate requirements of most commercial applications.

  • Kinetico CP Series Water Softeners & Filters
  • Kinetico PRO Hydrus Water Softeners & Filters.

Our Kinetico’s CP Series Water Softeners and Filtration systems are known to be very efficient in operation and with minimal downtime for when you need it to be running to give you treated water. These systems can be easily configured by one of our licensed technicians to meet peak and off-peak demand and application.
What makes our Kinetico CP Series Water Treatment Systems different?

  •  Non-Electric. The system operation is powered by the kinetic energy from moving water which makes it very reliable and efficient. This eliminates the need for the system operation to breakdown due to a faulty electrical components and timers.
  • Twin-Tank Configuration. This setup guarantees an unlimited supply of clean, always filtered water delivered at peak flow rates when you need it for your operation.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks. The tanks and control valve have been designed with corrosion-resistant material to ensure that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without failing during use.
  •  Backwash with Treated Water. It always ensures system uptime while prolonging the life of the media and components during use.
  • CP Filtration Options:
    • Carbon Filtration media ensures optimum removal of chlorine and unwanted taste and odors from water.
    • Calcite Filtration media helps with pH adjustment by increasing the alkalinity levels of the water.
    • Macrolite® Filtration media is required when fine pre-filtration is essential during multi-stage treatment of the water. This proprietary media is known for the efficient removal of particulates in water to as small as five microns. It is very effective in removing ferric (insoluble) iron and other particulates.

Our Kinetico PRO Hydrus point-of-entry water filtration and Softening systems are known to handle elevated flow rate demands and for large water volume applications. The Hydrus is in a league of its own with a huge reputation for reliability and performance when it comes to advanced filtration systems that is completely configurable based on peak and off-peak demands during large volume application requirements. When you have extremely hard water conditions, we recommend combining a Hydrus water filter with our Hydrus water softening system to deliver optimal water conditions across your facility.
No matter what type of business you manage and what your water demands are, you will benefit from installing a commercial water softener. This is true regardless of whether you own a restaurant, hotel, hospital, or multi-level apartment building.

Water Softener
HYDRUS® Series Commercial Water Softeners
A Powerful Softener with a Powerful Controller.

Water Softener
CP Series Commercial Water Softeners
Kinetico’s CP Series water softeners are made to handle commercial applications. Used to provide soft water to a boiler, water heater, car wash, or reverse osmosis system, CP Series softeners perform reliably and efficiently, with no downtime for regeneration.

Kinetico’s commercial water softener systems
CC Series Commercial Water Softener
Kinetico’s CC Series water softeners are designed to fit into your kitchen. Typically used to feed soft water to a particular commercial equipment or application, this series provides continuous soft water without sacrificing space. CC Series softeners can be installed on a hot water line up to 150°F (65.6°C).

If your business uses water in any way, our water softeners can help, and because we offer products that are designed specifically for commercial use, you can have peace of mind knowing you are selecting the right system.

There are several reasons why your business should invest in a Commercial water softener, including prolonging the lifespan of water-using appliances in your commercial operations while increasing the energy efficiency of your space. Our products will prevent the build-up of hard water minerals and will also eliminate any limescale build-up in your water heater or Industrial boilers, leaving your system will work more efficiently.

Our team will be happy to offer you recommendations on the type of system that is suitable for your process operations based on water demand/usage. We also carry reverse osmosis systems and water filter systems, so contact us today to find out more about our products and how they can help!