Water is a fundamental element of life. While water is essential, water can also cause a huge number of problems if it is left unmonitored. So why exactly do we test water quality? And what are some warning signs you need to test your water?

Why Does Water Need to be Tested?

Water needs to be tested because it is so often used in our daily lives. Contaminated water has the capacity to impact everything it touches. That includes you, your pipes, food, clothing, dishes, and fixtures. When you don’t test your well water, you risk contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, microbes, and minerals. Certain levels of each contaminant can be toxic or have long-term effects. Homes connected to municipal water sources may not need frequent testing because municipal water is constantly monitored for any level of contaminants before it gets distributed to consumers.

Warning Signs

Look out for these warning signs that something might be up with the quality of your water supply.

  • A funny smell

Does your water have a funky smell? That is definitely an indication you should test your water supply. The smell of rotten eggs is typically an indication that you have a problem with sulphur. Typically this occurs when you live in close proximity to swampy areas or farmland. Water with high levels of sulphur can damage pipes and costs homeowners in repairs.

  • A funny taste

When you have a metallic taste in your water, that is an indication that there are dissolved heavy metals. Too many certain metals pose a huge health hazard that may even be toxic.

  • Doesn’t clean

Do you find it takes more soap to get things completely clean? You could be dealing with hard water. Hard water is not always a problem to your immediate health, but it is not typically the ideal water quality.

  • Stains on water frequented surfaces

Do you notice water stains that are yellow or black? These deposits could be from your water with a larger amount of dissolved minerals.

  • Film on skin

If, after you shower, your skin feels almost like it has a filmy or soapy layer that remains, you could once again be dealing with some hard water. Hard water has a hard time removing all soap from surfaces that causes this unsavoury feeling.

  • Floating objects in your water

If you see things floating in your water, you should not drink it. Floating objects could be a number of things ranging from dirt to bacteria. Drinking this kind of contaminated water could make you sick.

  • Cloudy water

Cloudy water could be a sign there are extra air bubbles in the water supply. This is not bad but cloudy water that doesn’t ever run clear should be tested for contaminants.

What can be Done About Water Contaminants?

Concerned about your water quality? You may want to install a water filtration system or softener system in your home. Reverse osmosis systems are a great option for anyone looking to purify the water throughout their entire home. 

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