At Aqtros Water, we have been solidifying our place in the water softener industry for years. Our Kinetico Water Softeners are designed to be a smaller and smarter solution for your home, and to leave a smaller, more company footprint. Our water softeners were designed to give you a full size performance, while giving you the benefits of softened water available in a wide range of applications.

Our competition’s approach to making their own compact water softener is to simply reduce the physical size. But, unfortunately, this also reduces the capacity and capabilities of the unit. Our systems stand above the competition, as we can provide you with a small water softener with completely full size capabilities. Our systems are designed to use less salt, less time and less water in order to regenerate water for greater efficiency and at bigger cost savings.

How Can Our Small Water Softeners Give You Powerful Performance?

Water softeners work by relying on the water softener resin to facilitate the ion exchange process that produces the softened water. This innovative design enables it to efficiently use a super fine mesh resin, which is vacuum sealed within the tank. This means that there is the same amount of softening fit into a smaller space. As a result, there is less water and salt needed to refresh the same amount of resin in a conventional system, and it happens in less time per regeneration.

If you are in the market to find the best performing and most efficient compact water softener, then our small but mighty system will definitely meet your requirements. As a complete water treatment system, it features a built-in whole house water filtration and iron reduction that is up to 10 parts per million and gives you high-end softening capabilities. This means that your home will be outfitted with a compact softener that is able to replace three to five separate pieces of equipment.

Our water softeners have big capabilities and if you are looking for a water softener that can help save you time, energy, salt, water and money, then contact us today to learn more.